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Table 1 Bed-net usage patterns

From: A qualitative study on caretakers' perceived need of bed-nets after reduced malaria transmission in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Caretaker number Gender Age Bed-net usage by age LLIN usage by age Bed-net usage by season
1 Female 44 Everyone Mother and small child Continuous
2 Female 35 Only children Children Seasonal
3 Female 35 Everyone Mother and children Unclear
4 Female 70 Everyone The child Unclear
5 Female 26 Everyone The baby Seasonal (continuous use only for baby)
6 Female 35 Everyone Children Continuous
7 Female 28 Everyone Children Seasonal
8 Female 40 Everyone Children Continuous
9 Female 33 Everyone The child that got the net (away from home) Continuous (for mother and child) and seasonal (for others)
10 Female 27 Everyone Everyone Continuous
11 Male 28 Everyone Children Seasonal
12 Male 50 Only children Children Seasonal
13 Male 36 Only the youngest child (3-year-old) The youngest child Seasonal
14 Male 53 Everyone Children Continuous
15 Male 52 Everyone Young children Partly seasonal (more continuous for children)
16 Male 55 Everyone Not using the LLIN Continuous
17 Male 27 Only the children Not using the LLIN Continuous
18 Male 47 Everyone Children Continuous
19 Male 45 Everyone Mother and young children Seasonal (for adults) and continuous (for children)