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Table 1 Proposed enhanced surveillance measures for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 in Germany and number of district health authorities (n = 9) in agreement with the measure, pre-event needs assessment, March 2011

From: The FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany 2011 – A practical example for tailoring an event-specific enhanced infectious disease surveillance system

Surveillance measure No. of district health authorities in agreement (n = 9)
WITH majority agreement  
 Pre-event creation of network among public health stakeholders 5
 Daily (Monday to Friday) transmission of infectious disease notifications 5
 Regular feedback report of districts’ infectious disease notifications 6
 Regular summary report of World Cup-relevant national/international epidemiological events* 8
 Phone conferences among stakeholders (on demand) 6
WITHOUT majority agreement  
 Pre-event meeting of public health stakeholders 4
 Pre-event reminder of laboratories/physicians on infectious disease reporting duty 2
 Daily (Monday to Friday) reports from district health authorities of unusual high numbers of infectious diseases/syndromes# 3
  1. * defined as epidemiological events (e.g. outbreaks) in Germany or countries with a participating team or countries with >100 visitors.
  2. # defined as e.g. unusual high number of pneumonia cases in the district’s hospital(s).