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Table 1 Proposed enhanced surveillance measures for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 in Germany and number of district health authorities (n = 9) in agreement with the measure, pre-event needs assessment, March 2011

From: The FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany 2011 – A practical example for tailoring an event-specific enhanced infectious disease surveillance system

Surveillance measure

No. of district health authorities in agreement (n = 9)

WITH majority agreement


 Pre-event creation of network among public health stakeholders


 Daily (Monday to Friday) transmission of infectious disease notifications


 Regular feedback report of districts’ infectious disease notifications


 Regular summary report of World Cup-relevant national/international epidemiological events*


 Phone conferences among stakeholders (on demand)


WITHOUT majority agreement


 Pre-event meeting of public health stakeholders


 Pre-event reminder of laboratories/physicians on infectious disease reporting duty


 Daily (Monday to Friday) reports from district health authorities of unusual high numbers of infectious diseases/syndromes#


  1. * defined as epidemiological events (e.g. outbreaks) in Germany or countries with a participating team or countries with >100 visitors.
  2. # defined as e.g. unusual high number of pneumonia cases in the district’s hospital(s).