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Table 3 Classification of main categories and subcategories

From: The experiences of women of reproductive age regarding health-promoting behaviours: A qualitative study

Main categories Subcategories
Establishing an appropriate eating pattern - Dedication to balanced consumption of all food groups
  - Meals and appropriate pattern of eating
  - Proper cooking
  - Good food preparation and storage
Establishing a balanced rest/activity pattern - Dedication to appropriate and favourable exercises
  - Enough rest/sleep
Spirituality - Self-awareness and self-construction
  - Thinking and optimism
  - Adhering to the religious rituals
  - Attending to and strengthening religious beliefs and attitudes
Stress management - Relaxation and making happy moments
  - Tolerance and compromising with problems
Personal sensitivity and responsibility - Regular assessment of physical health
  - Observing medical recommendations and advice
  - Observing personal hygiene
Establishing an appropriate pattern of social interactions - Participation in community service
  - Tendency and dedication to social integration
  - Close family relationships
  - Relationship with the children
Practicing safe and healthy recreation - Travel and nature tours
  - Growing flowers and plants
  - Reading and painting
  - Watching television and listening to music
Feeling improvement in physical and functional health - Sense of increased energy and physical strength
  - Improved sleep
  - Sense of being able to prevent disease occurrence and progression
Feeling improvement in emotional and psychological health - Feeling joy and vitality
  - Reducing tension and creating relaxation
  - Feeling good understanding of self
  - Satisfaction and increased confidence
  - Enhanced thinking and positive thinking
  - Improving mood