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Table 2 An example of analysis process

From: The experiences of women of reproductive age regarding health-promoting behaviours: A qualitative study

Meaning unit Code Sub Category Main Category
I believe and deeply think that the universe is God’s presence and we’d do better to sin less. This belief really helps me to find the right way. Paying attention to being in God’s presence and responsibility Attending to and strengthening religious beliefs and attitudes Spirituality
I look for what makes God satisfied with me, I do the same thing. Considering God’s satisfaction in the works   
Believing that what God puts in our way is all beneficial, is all God’s grace to humans, that is, believing that God will never expect bad for his creatures, this is really helpful in being happy and hoping for the future. Having faith in the grace of God   
Oh God, I’m satisfied with your satisfaction, I say. If something happens to someone or she loses one of her loved ones, she must to be so strong so that she can say thank you God for doing so; one should not be impatient or complain then. Being satisfied with God’s satisfaction   
What helps my spiritual health is my trust in God. Just in God I trust, and I tell myself always what God wants happens. Trust in God   
My religion is important for me. I really appreciate it. My hijab isn't very well but I highly believe in faith, mysticism, and such things. Religious issues are very important to me. Belief in religion and religious issues   
I believe the more knowledge one has about her religion the more she enjoys her life and is happy. Knowing more about one’s religion is a reason to enjoy life.