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Table 1 Categories of adolescents in custodial institutions and reasons for their placement

From: Different Points of a Continuum? Cross Sectional Comparison of the Current and Pre-contact Psychosocial Problems among the Different Categories of Adolescents in Institutional Care in Nigeria

‘Criminal Code Care and Protection
Beyond parental control’ (83; 52.5%) Picked up by law enforcement agents haven been found abandoned, homeless or wandering the streets (39; 86.8%)
Theft (61; 38.6%)  
Membership of and involvement in activities of armed gangs (8; 5.0%) Found engaged in dangerous child labour like open-bus conducting (6; 11.3%)
Sexual offenses (4; 2.5%) Adolescent girl living in a brothel (1; 1.9%)
Vandalism (2; 1.2%). Total: 53 (100%)
Total: 158 (100%)