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Table 1 Measures to determine effectiveness of the TROPIC knowledge-broking process on evidence-informed policies to reduce obesity

From: Knowledge exchange in the Pacific: The TROPIC (Translational Research into Obesity Prevention Policies for Communities) project

Measure Purpose Sample Time applied Analysis
Semi- structured interviews Identify understanding of and experience with evidence, policy and evidence-informed policy making All individual participants Pre-TROPIC · Descriptive
· Thematic
Is Research Working for You? survey (CHSRF) Identify perceived evidence-informed decision making skills and resources at organisational and individual levels All individual participants Pre-TROPIC  
Semi-structured interviews Identify perceptions of organisational culture and resources to support evidence-informed policy making Purposive sampling of one expert per org. Pre-TROPIC · Descriptive
· Thematic
Process diary completed by TROPIC team Identify resources utilised (time spent; personnel; purpose) in knowledge broking activities at individual and organisational levels   Ongoing · Descriptive statistics for level of individual participation and TROPIC outputs
Is Research Working for You? Survey (CHSRF) Identify perceived changes in EIDM skills and resource at organisational and individual levels following TROPIC All participants Post-TROPIC · Repeated measure ANOVAs
Interviews Identify perceived impact of TROPIC on individuals’ roles, organisational position and future careers All participants Post-TROPIC · Descriptive
· Structured (electronic)     · Thematic
· Semi- structured (face-to- face)     
Structured interviews Identify perceived impact of TROPIC on organisation High-level officer from each organisation (n = 6) Post-TROPIC · Descriptive
· Thematic