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Table 2 Evaluation of medication coaching intervention (first 5 participants)

From: Medication coaching program for patients with minor stroke or TIA: A pilot study

  Strongly Agree Agree Comments
Information we provided about stroke was helpful to you. 40% 60% ‘wanted information on what to expect in future,’ ‘more about prevention’
Information we provided about your medications was helpful to you. 60% 40% ‘explained purpose of medications and side effects’
Contact was an appropriate length. 80% 20%  
Interviewer talked in a way that was easily understood. 100%   
If you requested additional information, were your questions answered to your satisfaction when you were called back? 100% (n = 3)   
Other information that would be useful now that you’re home recovering from your stroke?    ‘stress prevention and nutrition,’ ‘covered everything I could think to ask’