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Table 5 Social distance practices and mental illness

From: Attitudes towards mental illness in Malawi: a cross-sectional survey

Social distance practices Percentage (number) holding belief Percentage (number) not holding belief
Are you afraid to have a conversation with the mentally ill 63.3 (133) 36.7 (77)
Would you be upset or disturbed about working with the mentally ill 33.8 (71) 66.2 (139)
Would you be able to maintain a friendship with the mentally ill 68.5 (144) 31.4 (66)
Would you be unwilling to share a room with the mentally ill 40.6 (85) 59 (124)
Would you be ashamed if you were related to a mentally ill person and people knew 8.1 (17) 91.9 (193)
Would you be prepared to marry a mentally ill person 18.6 (39) 81.4 (171)