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Table 2 Themes and subthemes regarding inner considerations

From: Survived but feeling vulnerable and insecure: a qualitative study of the mental preparation for RTW after breast cancer treatment

Themes   Subthemes
Away from the sick role and wanting to keep the job · Being ill and feeling recovered
  · Not wanting to be stigmatised as a disabled person
  · Return to a normal life
  · Contributing to society
  · Not wanting to give up their work
Is it worth making the effort to return to the job? · Efforts compared to the consequences (financial, medical, and personal)
  · Uncertain health / fear of recurrence
  · Individual need to return?
Concerned about recovery · Performing as an employee again?
  · Desire to return to work
  · Defining capability level
  · Fearing recurrence
Doubts about acceptance in the workplace · Workplace understanding of the employee’s situation?
  · 100 % performance might not be possible
  · Weighing up capacity and motivation level knowing the workplace
  · Have to feel strong and in good health to meet the employer