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Table 1 Summary of intervention content self-assessed by participants at baseline and at completion of the intervention

From: Connecting Health and Technology (CHAT): protocol of a randomized controlled trial to improve nutrition behaviours using mobile devices and tailored text messaging in young adults

Ate more or less Substitutions
Ate more: Switching to
Servings of fruit and/or vegetables Low energy/diet drinks or waters
Variety of fruits and vegetables Lower-alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks
Adding more vegetables or salad to meals Healthier options when eating out
  More alcohol free days every week
Ate/drank less:  
Sugary drinks (e.g. fizzy drinks, sports drinks or cordial)  
Confectionary (e.g. chocolate, lollies, cakes, sweet biscuits)  
Sugary foods (e.g. lollies, sugar in drinks)  
Fatty foods (e.g. pies, pastries)  
Fast food