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Table 3 Multivariable model (log binomial) predicting initiation and completion of treatment by backward elimination

From: Predictors of latent tuberculosis treatment initiation and completion at a U.S. public health clinic: a prospective cohort study

Category Factor RR 95% CI
Treatment Initiation Close contact to a TB case 2.5 1.8-3.6
  Non-employment reason for screening 1.6 1.0-2.5
  Lower educational level 1.3 1.1-1.6
  Having a regular physician 1.4 1.0-2.0
  Fear of getting sick with TB without medicine 1.7 1.2-2.6
  Prior incarceration 1.7 1.1-2.8
Treatment Completion Plan to tell friends or family about LTBI diagnosis 2.0 1.0-3.9