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Table 1 Public health adaptation knowledge gaps in Ontario as indicated by public health respondents

From: Adaptation to climate change in the Ontario public health sector

Field Public Health Adaptation Knowledge Gaps
Information, Science & Technology Resolution of climate modelling to local scales
  Research on climate change science and health impacts locally
Surveillance of environmental exposure and health impacts
Guidance on mainstreaming climate change adaptation
Tools to build awareness, convey messages effectively and stress urgency to act
Cost-effective, win-win adaptation strategies that account for diversity and complexity
Public health adaptation best practices & lessons learned; identified and widely accessible
Research on relevant triggers to inform warning systems
Infrastructure Assessments of resiliency of healthcare and emergency management infrastructure
  Assessments of adequacy of building code standards in light of climate change
Research on required land development policies in light of climate change
Studies on thresholds of water utilities infrastructure and transportation networks
Human Resources & Institutions Cost-benefit analyses of adapting versus status quo
  Assessments of costs, direct & indirect, short & long-term health impacts
Policies to ensure sustained funding of climate change research, adaptation programs & plans
Tools to facilitate sustained community climate change knowledge sharing and planning
Assessments of local capacity to prepare for health related impacts of climate change
  Mechanisms to evaluate effectiveness of programs in reducing health risks of climate change