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Table 5 Annual costs separated by group of diseases (women and men)

From: The costs of overweight and obesity-related diseases in the Brazilian public health system: cross-sectional study

Group of diseases Ambulatory costs Hospitalization costs Total costs
Cardiovascular All cardiovascular US$ 87,4 million US$ 664,0 million US$ 751,4 million
  Coronary artery disease US$ 65,1 million US$ 389,7 million US$ 454,9 million
  Cardiac failure US$ 1,5 million US$ 158,4 million US$ 159,9 million
  Arterial hypertension US$ 13,5 million US$ 21,9 million US$ 35,5 million
  Stroke US$ 7,1 millions US$ 93,9 million US$ 101,0 million
Neoplasms*   US$ 239,6 million US$ 60,1 million US$ 299,8 million
Asthma   US$ 12,4 million US$ 21,6 million US$ 34,1 million
Diabetes Mellitus**   US$ 851,715 thousand US$ 21,8 million US$ 23,7 million
Osteoarthritis***   US$ 3,9 million US$ 5,8 million US$ 9,7 million
  1. *Overweight and obesity related neoplasms **only as first diagnosis ***only knee and hip.