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Table 1 Comparison of participants’ recommendations with Marmot Review policy objectives

From: Local decision makers’ awareness of the social determinants of health in Turkey: a cross-sectional study

Marmot Review   
Policy Objectives   
  Mayor (n = 42) HN* (n = 22)
Give every child the best start in life 1 0
Enable all children, young people and adults to maximize their capabilities and have control over their lives 0 1
Create fair employment and jobs 1 0
Ensure healthy standard of living for all 1 1
Build healthy and sustainable communities 1 1
Strengthen the role and impact of ill health prevention 1 1
Awareness score** 5 4
  1. * Head of neighborhood (HN).
  2. ** Awareness score (AS): For every policy objective of the Marmot Review that is present among the participants’ recommendations, then score is 1;total score ‹6 = unaware, total score 6 = aware.