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Table 3 Agreement ratings (SE) at the two worksites for messages in the follow-up questionnaire

From: A multi-component stair climbing promotional campaign targeting calorific expenditure for worksites; a quasi-experimental study testing effects on behaviour, attitude and intention

  Poster + Stairwell messages (n = 103) Poster alone (n = 150)
a) Messages in Stairwell
Provides daily exercise 5.10(0.10) 4.97(0.09)
Helps control my weight 4.26(0.13) 4.24(0.11)
Burns more calories per minute than jogging 4.35(0.14) 3.85*a(0.11)
Burns more calories per minute than rowing 3.69(0.15) 3.16*(0.11)
b) Comparison messages not used in the campaign
Will keep me fit 4.89(0.10) 5.05(0.08)
Will reduce my risk of a heart attack 4.58(0.11) 4.71(0.10)
Can reduce my cholesterol levels 4.13(0.11) 3.93(0.10)
Will protect me from osteoporosis (brittle bones) 3.91(0.13) 4.15(0.10)
  1. a) messages used in the stairwell at the Poster + Stairwell messages site and b) messages not used in the stairwell at either site. a Poster + Stairwell messages site > Poster alone site: * = p < .05, ** = p < .01, *** = p < .001.