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Table 1 Comparison of Long Term (LT) and Short Term (ST) Sunlight Exposure Measurement Questionnaires (SEM-Q)

From: Development and validation of sunlight exposure measurement questionnaire (SEM-Q) for use in adult population residing in Pakistan

Reference period 1 year: Previous year summer and winter seasons 1 day: Hourly routine sun exposure recorded for 1 day
Type of questionnaire Interviewer administered Self administered (verified)
Domains: Time (minutes) spent outdoors, weather, clothing, use of sunscreen, sun protection practices, use of multivitamin and skin tone. Typical week or day in previous summers and winters. Additional domain: Travel in car/bus with windows up.
In the form of a grid with time in one hour interval from sunrise to sunset
  1. * Long term sunlight exposure measurement questionnaire;
  2. ** Short term sunlight exposure measurement questionnaire; 4 questionnaires were filled out on the four days that dosimeters were worn.