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Table 1 Interview topics

From: How orthodox protestant parents decide on the vaccination of their children: a qualitative study

  Research on acceptance of vaccination among orthodox Protestants
  Aim is to gain insight into the extent of vaccination and decision making with regard to such
  Main questions Additional questions
1 What is the composition of your family?  
2 Have you had your child/children vaccinated?  
  Why or why not? Can you tell us more about this?
Do other things play a role as well?
-medical aspects
-side effects
- importance of having had childhood diseases
- religious aspects
3 When did your decision making take place? Before/during pregnancy?
First months of life?
Reconsideration with next child or in a new life phase ?
4 Who decides? Roles of husband and wife.
- Have you been vaccinated?
- And your husband/wife?
What does your family think about vaccination?
- Has this influenced your decision?
What do people in your church think about vaccination?
- Has this influenced your decision?
- Which church do you belong to?
5 Did you discuss your decision? Asked for advice?
- From whom?
6 Did you find it a difficult decision? Have you ever regretted your decision?
Did you previously think differently about vaccination?
7 For non-vaccinating:  
  What would you do during an epidemic? Polio?
  What would do in case of an injury? (Tetanus vaccination)
  What would you do when influenza vaccination is called for? - Age
- Medical grounds
  Specific circumstances : travel, work (hepatitis B and influenza for nursing)
8 Do you talk about vaccination with your children? Own opinions of older children?
What would you think if your children later made a different decision?
9 What do you think of people who do/do not have their children vaccinated? And if they belong to your own church?
10 Do you receive reactions to the fact that you are vaccinated/not vaccinated from your surroundings? Do your surroundings know that you have been vaccinated/not been vaccinated?
- Topic of conversation ?
What kinds of reactions do you receive?
- From whom?
11 For non-vaccinating:  
  How do doctors and other organizations react to your non-vaccination?  
12 Do you have anything that has not yet been addressed to add?