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Table 3 Odds ratios (95% confidence interval (CI)) for acceptance of preventive home visits by combined variable of financial assets and invitational procedures (n = 1,023)

From: Are acceptance rates of a national preventive home visit programme for older people socially imbalanced?: a cross sectional study in Denmark

Cases with   Model1 Model2
outcome/n (95%Cl) (95%Cl)
Low and ‘telephone or letter without date’ 25/72 1.00 1.00
Low and ‘letter with date’ 60/133 1.55(0.85-2,80) 1.54(0.85-2,78)
High and ‘telephone or letter without date’ 127/306 1.33(0.78-2.28) 1.35(0.79-2.31)
High and ‘letter with date’ 288/512 2.38(1.42-3.98) 2.43(1.45-4.07)
  1. Model 1: Crude Model.
  2. Model 2: Adjusted for gender.