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Table 7 Normative regulation and gaps in normative regulation in community gambling

From: Gambling, housing conditions, community contexts and child health in remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, Australia

Existing social regulation Additional social regulation for consideration
No drinking or drunk players Days/times of play for gambling
No arguing Locations for gambling (fixed places)
High versus low stake games Limiting stakes, particularly high stake games
Family/kin verse general open games1 Age restrictions
Collecting a tong2 Adequate child minding facilities
  1. 1 Family/kin games are usually lower stake games and are a sociable activity, while general games more likely to be high stakes games where elements of kinship responsibilities are not adhered to [4, 8, 9, 34].
  2. 2 A tong is a small fee card players pay to enter the card game (usually held in a house), and players may receive cups of tea and biscuits.