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Table 5 Industry’s perceptions of food service sales

From: Adopting and implementing nutrition guidelines in recreational facilities: Public and private sector roles. A multiple case study

Managers’ quotations regarding sales Full adopter Semi-adopter Non-adopter
Sales of healthy items compared to sales of less healthy items “Whether we like it or not they don't want cucumbers with light organic dressing.. What sells is fries and poutine.” “French fries is what I sell the most.” “There’s nobody in this business can make money [selling healthy foods].” “If you’re offering the choices they’re always going to go for the unhealthy choice.”
Perceived impact of the ANGCY on sales “It’s devastating… Horrible, our sales have been reduced.” “Sales dropped 50%.” “If we went into a high school doing $100,000 a year in sales, you’d be lucky to see $20,000 [if we implemented the ANGCY]. And I’ve done it – in [another province] not here.”
  1. ANGCY: Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth.