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Table 3 Subjective and objective assessments of vending machine items

From: Adopting and implementing nutrition guidelines in recreational facilities: Public and private sector roles. A multiple case study

Case Full adopter Semi-adopter Non-adopter
Adoption status Adopter in vending machines Adopter in vending machines Non-adopter in vending machines
Food vending machines
ANGCY implementation score 67% High 71% High 41% Moderate
Availability of CMO food items 2% Very limited 4%1 Very limited 0% None
Nutrient content of food machine items 216 kcals, 42% fat, 54% CHO (13g sugar, 1g fibre), 6% protein, 198 mg sodium 155 kcals, 29% fat, 62% CHO (6g sugar, 2g fibre), 8% protein, 218 mg sodium 285 kcals, 35% fat, 60% CHO (22g sugar, 2g fibre), 3% protein, 277 mg sodium
Beverage vending machines
ANGCY implementation score 85% Very high 85% Very high 83% Very high
Availability of CMO beverages 31% Limited 26% Limited 13% Very limited
Nutrient content of beverage machine items 126 kcals, 0% fat, 98% CHO (28g sugar, 0g fibre), 3% protein, 77 mg sodium 107 kcals, 0% fat, 100% CHO (28g sugar, 0g fibre), 0% protein, 130 mg sodium 138 kcals, 0% fat, 100% CHO (38g sugar, 0g fibre), 0% protein, 126 mg sodium
Managers’ perceptions of the health of vending machine items “Our requirement is [that] 25% [of vending items be healthy] and they meet that, but it doesn’t move so it sits there and the other [unhealthy] stuff on top moves… I wish there was better options… to have stuff in there that is new and interesting and does sell.” “In terms of vending, there are healthier choices. I wouldn’t say it’s successful… [but] it’s better than it was. .. Am I jumping up and down saying we did it? No, because there’s more to do.” “I’ve actually never really told them what to put in the vending machines. I don’t eat chips, I don’t eat stuff like that, so I don’t even think about it… We did mention to them that we would like some healthy [items]… but other than that… he’s trying to maximize his sales for the stuff that the kids like.”
Managers’ perception of the proportion of items that are healthy 25% 25-30% 15%
  1. ANGCY: Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth; CHO: carbohydrate; CMO: choose most often; kcals: calories.
  2. 1This facility had a much higher proportion of “choose sometimes” food items in vending machines compared to others, at 77% of items. The proportion of “choose sometimes” items in vending machines in other facilities did not exceed 8%.