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Table 1 Programme and performance objectives identified for the Working on Wellness Programme

From: Working on wellness (WOW): A worksite health promotion intervention programme

Programme objective Performance objective
Reduce the total number of risk factors for cardiovascular disease 1. Invite employees at increased risk for cardiovascular disease to participate in the intervention.
  2. Inform and interpret employees’ health risk assessment results.
  3. Identify the risk factors that require improvement.
  4. Employee and wellness counsellor set goals and strategies to improve health measures such as blood pressure, Body Mass Index.
Increase employees’ habitual levels of physical activity 5. Employees set physical activity goals. Do not specify in detail, eg by mentioning a wellness specialist. Because at this phase, you don’t this yet.
  6. Employees seek opportunities to be physically active both at work and at home.
  7. Employees identify personal barriers to physical activity, and provide solutions to overcome the barriers.
Increase fruit and vegetable intake. 8. Employees aim to accumulate at least 30 minutes of physical activity on at least 5 days of the week.
  8. Employees aim to increase daily fruit and vegetable intake to 5 servings or more per day.
  9. Employees list and choose a variety of fruit and vegetables that they might enjoy.
  10. Employees develop strategies and ideas with the wellness specialist to prepare their food/meals (and not to buy fast food/take out meals).