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Table 1 Crude and adjusted odds ratios for the predictors of burn injuries that were included in the final regression model

From: Household related predictors of burn injuries in an Iranian population: a case–control study

Predictors in model Adjusted odds ratio(95%CI) Crude odds ratio(95%CI)
Using electric samovars instead of other types of samovars 0.3(0.1-1) 0.27(0.1-0.7)
Common use of picnic gas-stove for cooking at home 1.6(1–2.4) 1.3(0.9-1.9)
Using non-conventional pipe-less air heaters instead of conventional piped kerosene or gas burning heaters 1.98(1.1-3.6) 2.2(1.4-3.7)
Using samovars lacking the national standard authorization mark 2.2(1.4-3.6) 2.2(1.4-3.4)