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Table 1 Databases, MeSH keywords, and qualifiers used in the search strategy

From: The use of complementary and alternative medicine by people with cardiovascular disease: a systematic review

From inception – 20 April 2010
Search terms
AMED MeSH: ‘cardiovascular diseases’ [exploded] AND (‘complementary therapies’ [exploded] OR ‘dietary supplements[exploded] OR ‘plants, medicinal’ [exploded] AND ‘data collection’ [exploded] Where MeSH terms were unavailable, the following terms were combined: [complementary medicine$ or complementary therapy$ or alternative medicine$” or “supplement$ or herb$ or homeopath$ or osteopath$ or acupuncture or Chinese medicine$ or mind-body therapy$] AND cardiovascular disease AND [‘utilisation” OR “utilization” OR ‘ prevalence’ OR ‘use’]
Blackwell Synergy
Health & Society
PubMED Entrez (indexes Medline and Biomed Central)
Scopus (indexes EMBASE)
Science Direct
Web of Science