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Table 3 Resources used to implement five ‘one-day training’ in the use of RDTs at lower-level health care facilities at 5 districts in Uganda

From: Programme level implementation of malaria rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) use: outcomes and cost of training health workers at lower level health care facilities in Uganda

Human resources Cost of training health workers to perform malaria RDT
Cadres of trainers? N?=?6 Cadres of trainees? N?=?135 Cost Item Cost (USD) Average cost per individual trained (USD)
Training coordinator Clinical officers Personnel $2,582 $101 (range 92–112)*
Clinical epidemiologist Nurses Training Supplies $554  
Medical doctor Nursing assistants Operational costs $2,785  
Laboratory technologist Vaccinators Travel and subsistence $7,861  
Administrator Records officers Administrative costs $1,378  
  Malaria focal person    
  Facility volunteers Total $15,160  
  1. Health care facility was represented at least 4 health workers
  2. ∏ Trainer: trainee ratio at each practical session was 1:5
  3. *Range reflects the difference in the number of trainees planned for versus the number that showed up especially for the standard costs such as venue, transport that are independent of the numbers