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Table 5 Relative odds of 30-day and 365-day mortality by different algorithms for identifying Aboriginal people in the hospital data

From: Mortality after admission for acute myocardial infarction in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in New South Wales, Australia: a multilevel data linkage study

  30-day mortality 365-day mortality
  AOR (95% CI) p-value AOR (95% CI) p-value
Most recenta
 Non-Aboriginal (ref) 1.00   .684 1.00   .345
 Aboriginal 0.95 0.73-1.23   1.11 0.90-1.36  
Ever identifiedb
 Non-Aboriginal (ref) 1.00   .582 1.00   .510
 Aboriginal 0.94 0.74-1.18   1.06 0.88-1.28  
All admissionsc
 Non-Aboriginal (ref) 1.00   .005 1.00   <.001
 Aboriginal 1.55 1.14-2.10   1.61 1.25-2.07  
  1. AOR, adjusted odds ratios, adjusting for age, sex, year of admission, comorbidities, remoteness of residence, socio-economic status.
  2. CI, confidence interval. Ref, referent group in the analysis.
  3. a Identified as Aboriginal in their most recent public hospital admission.
  4. b Identified as Aboriginal in at least one public hospital admission.
  5. c Identified as Aboriginal on all public hospital admissions