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Table 2 Measurements and instruments

From: Group hypnotherapy versus group relaxation for smoking cessation: an RCT study protocol

Variable Intake assessment (t0) Two week follow-up
(t1) - telephone interview
Six month follow-up (t2) - postal assessment
Sociodemographic information Age, education, civil status   
Tobacco and other substance consumption Fagerström Test for Nicotine Dependence FTND [28], German translation [29];
smoking abstinence
self-efficacy [22],
short version and
German translation [23];
history of tobacco use
and tobacco cessation attempts; history of substance use (FDA);
Smoking friends and relatives;
Age at first cigarette;
Previous cessation attempts (number and nature);
Body Mass Index
Minnesota Nicotine Withdrawal Scale MNWS [21];
smoking abstinence
self-efficacy; point prevalence of tobacco abstinence (last 7 days)
Point prevalence of tobacco abstinence
(last 30 days)
Mental health status Beck Depression Inventory [25]; BDI-V, short version and German translation [24];
Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) [26], German translation [27]
General health status SF-12 [3], German translation [31] -  
Safety - Adverse events Adverse events
Biological assessments Salivary cotinine measurement - Salivary cotinine measurement
Misc. assessments - Use of CD Use of CD