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Table 3 List and description of appendices included in 3 rd generation pandemic plans

From: A community-based participatory approach and engagement process creates culturally appropriate and community informed pandemic plans after the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic: remote and isolated First Nations communities of sub-arctic Ontario, Canada

Title of Appendix Description
World Health Organization Pandemic Influenza Phases Describes the pandemic influenza phases (1–6), post-peak period, and post-pandemic period [52].
Canadian Activity Level Describes Canadian Activity Levels 0, 1, and 2 [53].
Mass Immunization Clinic Protocol Describes how to prepare and implement a community mass immunization clinic, including members involved and main responsibilities (e.g., vaccine safekeeping, staffing, orientation/training required, safety and security, communication, vaccinating community, and post-clinic issues) [54].
Public Health Agency of Canada: Mass Immunization Clinics in Remote & Isolated Communities Provides the website link for more information about how to implement a mass immunization clinic specifically in remote and isolated communities [54].
Human Resource Contingency Plans Includes human resource contingency plans for workplaces in the community.
List of Essential Services Lists services in the community that are considered “essential” and must be maintained throughout a public health emergency.
Alternate Care Site Plan Lists the organizers responsible for establishing an alternate care site, and possible locations in the community.
Outbreak Control Team and Clinical Pandemic Response Group/Command Center Lists the members and responsibilities of the community outbreak control team and clinical pandemic response group/command center.
List of Pandemic Influenza Supplies Lists general pandemic influenza supplies that are recommended to have available for the community.
First Nations and Inuit Health Branch Formulas for Pandemic Influenza Supplies Provides formulas for calculating how many pandemic influenza supplies should be ordered for healthcare facilities and workplaces in the community.
Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan Includes the community emergency preparedness and response plan.
Corpse Storage and Temporary Morgue Plan Includes the community corpse storage and temporary morgue plan for summer and winter scenarios.
Community Infection Control Measures Describes recommended community infection control measures to mitigate a pandemic (both mild and severe scenarios) [53]. Included components: public education, infection control measures, where to access health care, general comfort measures, isolation measures, quarantine measures, travel restrictions, screening measures, supplies, communication, closing schools/workplaces, and restricting public gatherings [53].
Templates for Community Notices Includes templates for community notices (both mild and severe scenarios) that can be modified as needed.
Communication Plan Outlines the community’s communication plan before, during, and after a pandemic. Describes various methods that can be used to communicate with community members, and the roles of the health center, community pandemic committee, and Band Council.
Helpful Resources Provides website links (e.g., Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada, World Health Organization, etc.) for more information, which was also included in a DVD format for easier access to the information [2, 7, 43, 53, 54].