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Table 1 Survey sample sizes, sex and age, response rates and measurement methods

From: Individual-based primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in Cambodia and Mongolia: early identification and management of hypertension and diabetes mellitus

  Cambodia Mongolia
Date of data collection Feb - Apr 2010 Oct-Dec 2009
Response rate   
Questionnaire 96.3% 95%
Physical measurements 94.2% 95%
Biochemical measurements 92.7% 95%1
Sample size aged (25-64) 5,433 4,539 2
Male: % (95% CI) 48.6 (47.2 - 50.1) 50.3 (48.2 - 52.3)
Age in years: mean (SD) 40.2 (0.20) 39.7 (0.28)
Measurement of Blood pressure (measured three times in sitting position) NISSEI Digital Blood Pressure Monitor (Model DS-500) Omron Model 5 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
Measurement of fasting Blood sugar and cholesterol Whole capillary blood taken from fingertips; dry chemical reagent strips & Accutrend GCT instruments Same as in Cambodia
  1. 1 Biochemical measurements were carried out only on one-third of total sampled population in the age group 25-64 years old in Mongolia, and response rate given here refers to this one-third of the sampled population
  2. 2 In Mongolia, the sampled population also included 15-24 years old, but these were excluded for this analysis.