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Table 5 Ghana selected maternal and child health intervention indicators

From: Inequities in maternal and child health outcomes and interventions in Ghana

Indicator Value
Children 12-23 months age who received all basic vaccinations (%) 79
Children under-five who slept under an ITN (%) 28.2
Children under-five with diarrhoea for whom advice or treatment was sought from a health facility or provider (%) 41
Births assisted by a skilled provider (%) 58.7
Delivery in a health facility (%) 57.1
Delivery in a public sector health facility 48.4
Delivery in a private sector health facility 8.7
Home delivery (%) 42
Delivery by Caesarean section 6.9
Currently married women age 15-49 who use modern contraceptive methods (%) 16.6
Pregnant women who slept under an ITN (%) 19.9
Intermittent preventive treatment (IPT) among women during pregnancy (%) 43.7