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Table 3 Minimum and maximum weekly incidence of respiratory infections as a proportion of internal medicine admissions and intensive care unit (ICU) admissions, respectively, according to case definition (CD), hospital-based surveillance of acute respiratory infections, Berlin, 2009/10

From: Lessons from a one-year hospital-based surveillance of acute respiratory infections in Berlin- comparing case definitions to monitor influenza

Case definition Maximum Week Minimum Week
CD1 among internal medicine admissions 8.3% 50/2009 2.0% 27/2010
CD1b among internal medicine admissions 5.6% 41/2010 1.4% 29/2010
CD4 among internal medicine admissions 3.2% 50/2009 0.2% 25/2010
CD1 cases among ICU-admissions 10.0% 51/2009 0% repeatedly
  1. See text and Figure 1 for explanation of CD1, 1b and 4