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Table 3 Caregivers' feeding styles, responses to child's refusal to eat and conditions in which child eats more, Derashe special district, Southern Ethiopia

From: Feeding styles of caregivers of children 6-23 months of age in Derashe special district, Southern Ethiopia

Variables Frequency Percent
Caregivers' feeding style (n = 764)   
Laissez-faire 88 11.5
Controlling 98 12.8
Responsive 578 75.7
Active responses for food refusal*   
Encourage him/her to eat verbally or physically 512 66.9
Offers the same food later 239 31.2
Offers alternative foods (favorite foods) 141 18.4
Forces the child to feed 84 11.1
Do not try any solutions 41 5.4
Condition in which the child eats more*   
When encouraged to eat 405 53.0
When food is presented in a separate plate 292 38.2
When the caregiver sits with the child while the child is eating 221 27.0
Forcing the child to eat 47 4.6
  1. *There were multiple responses by a caregiver