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Table 2 Is health associated with perceiving teenagers to be a serious local problem? Bivariate (unadjusted) and multivariate (adjusted) logistic regression

From: Is concern about young people's anti-social behaviour associated with poor health? cross-sectional evidence from residents of deprived urban neighbourhoods

    Dependent variable: Participants who report that teenagers are a serious problem
Independent variables Category or score direction Unadjusted Adjusted1
   OR2 P3 95% CI4 OR 2 P3 95% CI4
Physical health (SF-12 v.2 score) Higher score = better 0.99 0.073 (0.99-1.00) 0.98 < 0.001 (0.97-0.99)
Mental health (SF-12 v.2 score) Higher score = better 0.99 0.002 (0.98-1.00) 0.99 0.103 (0.98-1.00)
  1. 1 Adjusted for sex, ethnic group, household structure, age group, living with children, educational qualifications, problems paying bills. To avoid over-adjusting for health-related outcomes, two separate multivariate logistic regressions were conducted for the two SF12v2 scores
  2. 2 Odds ratio
  3. 3 P value
  4. 4 95% Confidence interval
  5. reference category in italics. Total sample n = 6008; number of observations = 5844