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Table 1 Research questions to be addressed in CPET study

From: Children, parents, and pets exercising together (CPET) randomised controlled trial: study rationale, design, and methods

  Research questions
A: Trial recruitment and retention i) How feasible is the trial
ii) Is recruitment realistic: are families willing to be allocated randomly
iii) What is the extent of sample attrition
iv) To what extent is the trial affected by missing data, perhaps arising from inconvenience of home visits or the necessity to make hospital visits for outcome measures including DXA scans
B: Feasibility of the intervention and implications for future trials i) How feasible is the dog-based intervention
ii) Is process evaluation favourable
iii) How should intervention content and delivery be modified for future interventions in the light of study findings
iv) What sample size would be required for a more definitive trial for each of the outcomes tested
C: Efficacy i) Is there preliminary evidence of favourable outcomes for primary and/or secondary outcomes
ii) Is there any indication that increases in physical activity during the intervention are compensated (it is not known whether increased physical activity in dog-walking would reduce physical activity at other times; 'compensation' (15,17)
iii) Does physical activity undertaken as part of the dog walking intervention displace other forms of physical activity (e.g. going to the gym)