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Table 3 Impact of Public Health Epidemiologists on Local Health Department Reporting and Investigation of H1N1

From: Linking public health agencies and hospitals for improved emergency preparedness: North Carolina's public health epidemiologist program

Measure Greatly enhanced (%) Somewhat enhanced (%) Did Not enhance (%) Response count (No.)
Communication between hospitals and local public health with regard to H1N1 reporting and investigation 70.7 17.2 12.1 58
Completeness of H1N1 reporting 58.9 26.8 14.3 56
Timeliness of H1N1 reporting 66.1 21.4 12.5 56
LHD's ability to be more efficient in reporting and investigating cases/clusters of H1N1 62.5 23.2 14.3 56
  1. Abbreviation: LHD local health department