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Table 1 Social capital framework: summary of independent variables

From: Does social capital travel? Influences on the life satisfaction of young people living in England and Spain

Context Concept Construct Items
Family Social Capital Family sense of belonging (FSB) Family doing things together (every day; once a week; less often; never). Watch TV or video; play indoor games; eat meals; go for a walk; going places together; visiting friends or relatives; play sports; sitting and talking
   Autonomy and Control (FAC) Mother/father--asked separately (almost always, sometimes, never): Let me do the things I like doing, like me to make my own decisions, try to control everything I do, treat me like a baby.
  Social Support Family social
support (FSS)
Mother/father ((asked separately): helps me as much as I need; is loving; understands my problems and worries; makes me feel better when I am upset)
School Social capital School sense of belonging (SSB) The students in my class enjoy being together; other students accept as I am; students are kind and helpful (strongly agree to strongly disagree)
Our teachers treat us fairly; I am encouraged to express my own views in class. (strongly agree through to strongly disagree):
  Social support Autonomy and control (SAC)
School social support (SSS)
Most of my teachers are friendly; my teachers are interested in me as a person; when I need extra help I can get it(strongly agree through strongly disagree):
Neighbourhood Social capital Neighbourhood sense of belonging (NSB) People stop to talk to one another in the street; it is safe for young people to play outside during the day; you can trust people round here; I could ask for help or favour from a neighbour; most people around here would take advantage of you if they got the chance; there are good places to spend your time(strongly agree through strongly disagree)
Peers Social support Communication with friends (PSS) How easy is it for you to talk to your friends about things that really bother you?. Asked for same sex friends and opposite sex friends separately(every easy through very difficult):