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Table 1 Participant Characteristics

From: The development of health literacy in patients with a long-term health condition: the health literacy pathway model

Participant code Gender Age Condition(s) Time living with condition Level of education Profession
1CR Female 76 Heart surgery Short-term High school Retired cashier for a pharmacy group
2CR Male 77 Heart surgery/diabetes Short-term High School Retired insurance broker
3CR Female 73 Heart Surgery Short-term A Level Hospital receptionist
4CR Female 23 Rare and complex heart condition Short-term University Physiotherapist
5CR Male 54 Heart surgery Short-term University Draughtsman
1XP Male 72 Diabetes Long-term High school Retired vending machine engineer/part time gardener
2XP Female 53 Diabetes on insulin Long-term High school Housewife
3XP Female 52 Diabetes Short-term High school Learning support worker
4XP Female 69 Diabetes controlled by diet Short-term College Part time secretary/retired bank worker
1C Male 60 Heart surgery Short-term University Part time Teacher
2C Female 42 Mental illness Long-term High School/Military Not in employment (previous army career)
3C Male 40+ Back Pain Short-term High School Not in employment (previously a cleaner)
4C Female 45 Asthma Long-term University Social Services Manager
1EP Female 50 Epilepsy and Osteoarthritis Long-term College Not in employment (previously a cook)
2 EP Male 46 Bipolar disorder Long-term College/University Construction
3EP Female 49 Daughter with complex chronic illness Long-term College Asylum seeker/was teacher
4EP Female 66 Bipolar disorder Long-term University Retired Dietician/Nutritionist - lecturer
5EP Female 31 ADEM Short-term Some University Ex healthcare assistant/social care worker