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Table 1 Assessment instruments proposed for the current study

From: Study protocol: a randomized controlled trial of a computer-based depression and substance abuse intervention for people attending residential substance abuse treatment

Domain assessment and instrument used Baseline Weeks Week Months
   1 to 4 5 3, 6, 9,12
Diagnostic Assessment
Structured Clinical Interview for DSM Disorders: depression and substance abuse sections only    
Alcohol and substance abuse measures
Addiction Severity Index: Alcohol and Drug composite scores  
Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test    
Drug Abuse Screening Test    
Opiate Treatment Index  
Drug Taking Confidence Questionnaire
PENN Alcohol Craving Scale
Drug Risk Response Test    
Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence
Mental health measures
Addiction Severity Index: Mental Health composite score  
Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale
Beck Fast Screen
Dysfunctional Attitudes Scale
Ways of Responding    
Background and demographic information    
Addiction Severity Index: Employment Status composite score   
Client Satisfaction Survey     
Computer Attitudes Scale