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Table 1 Dimensions of the self-rating anxiety and the corresponding questions from SAS

From: The patient’s anxiety before seeing a doctor and her/his hospital choice behavior in China

Dimensions Questions from self-rating anxiety scale (SAS)
Anxiousness I feel more nervous and anxious than usual.
Fear I feel afraid for no reason at all.
Panic I get upset easily or feel panicky.
Mental disintegration I feel like I'm falling apart and going to pieces.
Apprehension I feel that everything is all right and nothing bad will happen.
Tremor My arms and legs shake and tremble.
Body ache & pain I am bothered by headaches neck and back pain.
Easy fatigability & weakness I feel weak and get tired easily.
Restlessness I feel calm and can sit still easily.
Palpitation I can feel my heart beating fast.
Dizziness I am bothered by dizzy spells.
Faintness I have fainting spells or feel like it.
Dyspnea I can breathe in and out easily.
Paresthesia I get feelings of numbness and tingling in my fingers and toes.
Nausea & vomiting I am bothered by stomachache or indigestion.
Urinary frequency I have to empty my bladder often.
Sweating My hands are usually dry and warm.
Facial flushing My face gets hot and blushes.
Insomnia I fall asleep easily and get a good night's rest.
Nightmare I have nightmares.