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Table 4 Importance of topics and quality of improvement scores for care providers regarding HIV and sexual health care items as reported by 58 HIV patients who used integrated services, i.e., comprehensive sexual health care provided by public health nurses

From: Improving sexual health for HIV patients by providing a combination of integrated public health and hospital care services; a one-group pre- and post test intervention comparison

   Quality of improvement
  Mean importance Public health nurse HIV nurse practitioner HIV care medical doctor
Privacy regarding STI outcomes 3.6 −0.2 −0.3 −0.3
Information in understandable language 3.6 −0.1 −0.2 −0.3
Expertise on STIs 3.4 −0.3 −0.2 −0.3
Opportunity for STI screening 3.3 −0.5 −0.2 −0.3
Take me seriously 3.3 −0.2 −0.3 −0.3
Cooperate with other care providers 3.3 −0.2 −0.5 −0.5
Sufficient time for consultation 3.2 −0.6 −0.6 −0.7
Openness to conversation on sexual health 3.0 −0.7 −0.4 −0.7
  1. Importance was rated on a 4-point scale: 1 not important, 2 somewhat important, 3 important, 4 very important.
  2. The quality of improvement was calculated by subtracting provider performance (4-point scale; 1=never to 4=always) from the patient importance score; quality of improvement scores below zero represent no need for improvement.