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Table 3 Knowledge of cervical cancer and perceived barriers for attending health check ups among women who had never attended cervical cancer screening

From: Determinants of acceptance of cervical cancer screening in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

  N=396 Percentage (%)
Have ever heard of cervical cancer
  Yes 187 52.8
  No 170 47.2
  Missing 39  
Perceived barriers for attending health check-up*
  Difficulty in accessing screening services 226 57.1
  Lack of health education 34 8.5
  Reluctance to go for any test in absence of disease 123 31.1
  Lack of medical advice 46 11.6
  Fear of knowing they have cancer 50 12.6
  Prohibitive cost of the test 8 2.0
  Fear of pain of test 19 4.8
  1. *Add more than 100% since the women were able to respond to more than one question.