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Table 1 Topics of the E-health modules

From: Evaluation of computer-tailored health education (‘E-health4Uth’) combined with personal counselling (‘E-health4Uth + counselling’) on adolescents’ behaviours and mental health status: design of a three-armed cluster randomised controlled trial

Behaviour and well-being Items
Alcohol consumption How often and how much the adolescent drinks (9 items)
Drugs use How often the adolescents has used different types of drugs (17 items)
Smoking How often the adolescent smokes (2 items)
Sexual behaviour How often the adolescent uses condoms during sexual intercourse (2 items)
Bullying How often the adolescent is bullied at school, somewhere else or on the internet (3 items)
Mental health status Strength and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) (25 items) with a total score range 0 - 40
Suicidal thoughts If the adolescent has had suicidal thoughts last year (1 item)
Suicidal attempts If the adolescent made a suicidal attempt last year (1 item)
Unpleasant sexual experience If the adolescent has ever had an unpleasant sexual experience (1 item)