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Table 2 Measures used at the screening phase (2001–06) and at the health assessment (2009–11) in the ADDITION-PRO study

From: Protocol for ADDITION-PRO: a longitudinal cohort study of the cardiovascular experience of individuals at high risk for diabetes recruited from Danish primary care

  Screening phase: low risk1participants Screening phase: high risk2participants ADDITION-PROhealth assessment
Danish risk score questionnaire X X X
Socio-demographic variables
Age X X X
Sex X X X
Random capillary blood glucose   X  
Fasting capillary blood glucose3   X  
Venous glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c)   X X
75 g oral glucose tolerance test3,4   X X
Insulin    X
Total cholesterol   X X
LDL-cholesterol   X X
HDL-cholesterol   X X
Triglycerides   X X
Plasma and urine creatinine3   X X
Urine albumin3   X X
DNA3   X X
Alanine transaminase    X
Alkaline phosphatase    X
Biobank: plasma, serum, spot urine3   X X
Whole saliva5    X
Clinical measures
Electrocardiogram    X
Heart rate    X
Brachial blood pressure   X X
Central blood pressure    X
Aortic pulse wave velocity    X
Advanced glycation end-products    X
Anthropometric variables
Height   X X
Weight   X X
Waist circumference   X X
Hip circumference   X X
Body fat percentage    X
Abdominal fat distribution by ultrasound6    X
Hepatic fat content by ultrasound6    X
Physical activity
Combined accelerometer and heart rate monitor (ActiHeart)    X
Recent physical activity questionnaire (RPAQ)    X
Sleep questionnaire7    X
Questionnaire measures
Ethnicity / nationality   X  
Education   X  
Occupation   X X
Personal medical history   X X
Family history of diabetes X X X
Family history of CVD   X X
Current medication    X
Recent hospital admissions    X
Gestational diabetes (women only) X X X
Lifestyle behaviours (smoking, alcohol consumption, physical activity)   X X
Current weight, birth weight, weight loss/gain, perceived body image    X
EuroQol 5-D (health utility)    X
SF-36 (functional status)    X
Registry information    X
Cardiovascular disease X X X
Type 2 diabetes X X X
Medication use X X X
Health service use X X X
Mortality    X
  1. 1 Low diabetes risk <5 points on the diabetes risk score.
  2. 2 High diabetes risk ≥5 points on the diabetes risk score.
  3. 3 At screening, only for individuals with elevated RBG/FBG levels who progressed through to the later stages of the screening programme.
  4. 4 At ADDITION-PRO, only for individuals without incident diabetes since screening.
  5. 5 Only collected at the Steno Diabetes Center.
  6. 6 Only collected at the Steno Diabetes Center and in Aarhus.
  7. 7 Collected at the Steno Diabetes Center, Esbjerg and Aarhus from July 2010.