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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies

From: Second hand smoke exposure and the risk of invasive meningococcal disease in children: systematic review and meta-analysis

Author & Year Setting Design and study population Exposure Ascertainment of disease NOS
Baker 2000[51] New-Zealand Case–control: 202 cases, 313 controls One or more smokers in household Laboratory confirmed and probable 6
Coen 2006[52] England Case–control: 144 cases, 144 controls Exposure to smokers, exposure to smoke. Laboratory confirmed and probable 5
Conde 2003[45] Portugal Case–control: 47 cases, 51 controls Maternal smoking Laboratory confirmed 6
Fischer 1997[46] State of Washington, USA Case–control: 129 cases, 274 controls Maternal smoking, passive tobacco smoke Laboratory confirmed 7
Grein 2001[47] Republic of Ireland Case–control: 87 cases, 267 controls Household smoking Laboratory confirmed 8
Haneberg 1983[53] Norway Case–control: 115 cases, 61 patient controls, 293 population controls Heavy/moderate smoke exposure Laboratory confirmed and probable 4
Hodgson 2001[54] Kassena-Nankana district, Ghana. Case–control: 505 cases, 505 controls. Paternal smoking Laboratory confirmed and probable 8
Kriz 2000[48] Czech republic Case control: 68 cases, 135 controls Maternal smoking, Paternal smoking, Maternal smoking only, Paternal smoking only, Both parents smoking, Smoking at home per 20 cigarettes a day Laboratory confirmed 7
Krizova 1999[55] Czech republic Case control: 107 cases, 211 controls Maternal smoking, Paternal smoking, another member of family Laboratory confirmed and probable 5
McCall 2004[49] Area covered by the SPHUN, Queensland, Australia Case control: 62 cases, 79 controls Passive tobacco smoke exposure, carer smoking. Laboratory confirmed 4
Moodley 1999[56] Cape town metropolitan region, South Africa. Case control: 70 cases, 210 controls More than 2 Smokers per household, Main caregiver smokes Laboratory confirmed and probable 3
Pereiro 2004[57] Valencia, Spain Case control: 181 cases, 243 controls. Under 15s: No. of smokers, Maternal smoking, Paternal smoking, Other smoking, No of cigarettes smoked by other at home <10, 10 – 20, 20>. Under 5s: No of cigarettes smoked; 10 to 29,30 to 59. Laboratory confirmed and probable 5
Robinson 2001[58] Victoria, Australia Case control: 47 cases, 94 controls Smoker amongst intimate contact. Laboratory confirmed and probable 7
Sorensen 2004[59] Denmark Case control: 462 cases, 9240 controls. Maternal smoking Laboratory confirmed and probable 7
Stanwell-Smith 1994[50] West England Case control: 74 cases, 232 controls Any household smoker, Smoking at home, Smoking on visits, Cigarettes smoked per day in home;1-9, 10-19, 20-29, 30 or more. Number of smokers in the household; None, One, Two, Three or more. Laboratory confirmed 5
Stuart 1988[60] England Case control: 105 cases, 105 controls. Other smokers in the household Laboratory confirmed and probable 6
Tully 2006[43] England Cohort: 144 cases, 144 controls Multiple close contacts who smoke Laboratory confirmed 9
Yusuf 1999[44] Atlanta, USA Cohort: 283291 people, including 55 cases. Mother smoked during pregnancy Laboratory confirmed 8
  1. NOS Newcastle-Ottawa Scale for assessing methodological quality of studies.