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Table 1 Search strategy

From: Time spent on health related activities associated with chronic illness: a scoping literature review

Search terms:
Chronic disease OR chronic illness OR diabetes OR chronic heart failure OR chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Time use OR time management OR waiting time OR time burden AND
Health treatment OR health consultation OR management OR self-manag* AND
Health care consumer OR patient or carer AND
Health OR health care OR primary health care OR access
Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria Resources searched
· English language · Concerned with health professional time only Medline
· Peer reviewed · Non-specific descriptions of time and health related activities PubMed
· Publication dates between 1990 and 2010 CINAHL
· Concerned health related activities undertaken by the individual with chronic illness and/or a carer Two journals:
· Reported qualitative or quantitative findings · Time and Society;
· Sociology of Health and Illness
   Snowballing based on references in selected articles and “related articles”