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Table 2 IYS Units

From: Enhancing self-regulation as a strategy for obesity prevention in Head Start preschoolers: the growing healthy study

IYS-Parent (BASIC)
1 Strengthening Children’s Social Skills, Emotional Regulation & School Readiness
2 Using Praise and Incentives to Encourage Cooperative Behavior
3 Positive Discipline – Rules, Routines and Effective Limit Setting
4 Positive Discipline – Handling Misbehavior
IYS-Child (Dinosaur School)
1 Making Friends and Learning Rules (Apatosaurus)
2 Understanding and Detecting Feelings (Triceratops)
3 How to Do Your Best in School (Iguanodon)
4 Problem-Solving Steps (Stegosaurus)
5 Anger Management (Tyrannosaurus Rex)
6 How to Be Friendly (Allosaurus)
7 How to Talk With Friends (Brachiosaurus)
IYS-Teacher (Classroom Management)
1 The Importance of Teacher Attention, Encouragement, Praise
2 Motivating Children Through Incentives
3 Preventing Behavior Problems—the Proactive Teacher
4 Decreasing Students’ Inappropriate Behaviors
5 Building Positive Relationships With Students, Problem Solving