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Table 2 Stability coefficients for sedentary behaviors among Norwegian 11-13 year-old children

From: Stability and change in screen-based sedentary behaviours and associated factors among Norwegian children in the transition between childhood and adolescence

  Girls Boys
TV/DVD 0.48 (0.41-0.55) 0.47 (0.38-0.55)
Electronic game/computer 0.38 (0.30-0.47) 0.49 (0.41-0.57)
Total screen time 0.48 (0.38-0.54) 0.51 (0.44-0.61)
  1. Stability coefficients computed from GEE analysis
  2. All coefficients are significant at the 0.001 level
  3. Coefficients were adjusted for ethnicity, parental education, family status and weight status