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Table 1 Determinants from the PCYH files in the ICF-CY model

From: The early identification of risk factors on the pathway to school dropout in the SIODO study: a sequential mixed-methods study

1. Disorder / Disease 4. Participation
Congenital abnormality All-day childcare
Physical illness School
Mental illness Sports / Club
Learning disability Friends / Relationships
Pregnancy Work
2. Symptoms* 5. Environmental factors
Internalising / Externalising behaviour Ethnicity
Somatic complaints Pregnancy / Childbirth
Social problems Family composition
Sleeping difficulties Parent–child relationship
Eating difficulties Health of parents / siblings
Concentration difficulties Parental education / profession
Learning difficulties Social environment
Enuresis / Encopresis Life event
3. Development* Child abuse
Growth Bullying (victim)
Motor 6. Personal factors
Speech / Language Sex
Cognitive Neonatal period
Social Lifestyle
Sexual Personality
  1. *The ICF-CY model has been adapted for a better match with the life-course determinants from the youth health care files. ‘Activity’ was changed to ‘Development’, which indicates age-appropriate abilities in a life-course perspective.