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Table 1 Negative outcomes for FSWs in Laos and strategies to avoid them

From: Risks, benefits and survival strategies-views from female sex workers in Savannakhet, Laos

Strategies Risks
Deny sex without a condom STIs/HIV
Don’t use the client’s condom
Carry condoms
Refuse oral or anal sex
Refuse sex without a condom
Discuss type of sexual services
Instruct client to use a condom
Use condoms Pregnancy
Use contraceptives
Use condoms and birth control medicines
Refuse sex without a condom
Apply a withdrawal technique
Observe and select client Violence
Escape impolite client
Bring mobile phone
Reject drunk “harsh” client
Pay police bribes
Do what client wants
Be nice to client
Hide job and working status Stigma
Escape when risk of being disclosed
Avoid social contact
Have abortion to keep social image
Financially support the family
Need to be healthy when go home
Wear expensive clothes and dress properly
Participate in village activities
Observe and select client Being cheated
Carry small amounts of money
Ignore impolite “harsh” clients
Reject drunk clients
Discuss type of sex act and price
Ask for money in advance
Inform friend of whereabouts
Get information from friends
Pay police bribes Social and economic insecurity
Serve the needs of clients
Pretend to do what client wants
Avoiding having a boyfriend
Abortion to keep work
Hide STI symptoms
Don’t fight the client