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Table 1 ICF Taxonomy

From: Use of The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) as a conceptual framework and common language for disability statistics and health information systems

Body Functions and Structures
Taxonomy of Body Functions:
(ICF Chapter)
1. Mental Functions
2. Sensory Functions and Pain
3. Voice and Speech Functions
4. Functions of the Cardiovascular, Haematological, Immunological and Respiratory Systems
5. Functions of the Digestive, Metabolic, Endocrine Systems
6. Genitourinary and Reproductive Functions
7. Neuromusculoskeletal and Movement-Related Functions
8. Functions af the Skin and Related Structures
Taxonomy of Body Structures
(ICF Chapters)
1. Structure of the Nervous System
2. The Eye, Ear and Related Structures
3. Structures Involved in Voice and Speech
4. Structure of the Cardiovascular, Immunological and Respiratory Systems
5. Structures Related to the Digestive, Metabolic and Endocrine Systems
6. Structure Related to Genitourinary and Reproductive Systems
7. Structure Related to Movement
8. Skin and Related Structures
Activities and Participation
1. Learning and Applying Knowledge
2. General Tasks and Demands
3. Communication
4. Mobility
5. Self Care
6. Domestic Life
7. Interpersonal Interactions and Relationships
8. Major Life Areas
9. Commmunity, Social and Civic Life
Environmental Factors
1. Products and Technology
2. Natural Environment and Human-Made Changes to Environment
3. Support and Relationships
4. Attitudes
5. Services, Systems and Policies